by Carey Nieuwhof
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Leaders try to bring about change. And change almost always elicits opposition. So how do leaders navigate change, and the opposition to it, without giving up their dream for what could and should be? Carey Nieuwhof, pastor of Connexus Church near Toronto, examines five strategies that can help church leaders engineer change:

  1. Determine who is for (or against) the change and why.
  2. Decide where to focus your attention.
  3. Develop the questions that will set your course.
  4. Learn to attack problems instead of people.
  5. Persevere until the critical breakthrough.

Insightful and practical, Leading Change Without Losing It offers hope and encouragement for leaders, no matter where they serve in the church. Read an excerpt here.

"Leading Change Without Losing It is a practical guide to help church leaders of every kind navigate change in the face of opposition. Because so many church leaders are trying to transition an existing ministry rather than start a new one, this book comes at a critical time. The five strategies Carey outlines are practical and applicable to virtually any organization." —Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Ministries

"If you lead in the church, you need this book. Leading through change is an inevitable part of church ministry and how you navigate these difficult waters will many times determine the legacy you leave." — Pete Wilson, Pastor, Cross Point Church, author of Plan B, co-author of Empty Promises

"Every Leader—myself included—knows what we need to change. We get stuck at how to bring about change. I made a long list of leaders I know who need to read Leading Change Without Losing It. Carey Nieuwhof is both deep and practical—an unbeatable combination" —Kara Powell, Executive Director, Fuller Youth Institute, co-author of Sticky Faith

"Knowing Carey Nieuwhof personally makes this book even better than it already is. He has produced a masterpiece to help young leaders like me not completely blow it when it comes to leading through change. I'm buying cases for our team and clients!" —Casey Graham, Co-founder, Giving Rocket and Preaching Rocket

"When I first started reading Carey's Book, I thought I was doing so for Carey. I believe in him, have enjoyed his posts and prior work, and have always found him to be helfpul and intentional in his writings. If Carey wanted me to read his new book, why would I say no? then I started reading. Wow! Did he write this for me? I realized that Carey was addressing many of the issues I am about to face in a job transition. I'm going to face opposition to what I sense God is calling me to do. Carey's book gave me new encouragement, even before I pursue my next God-given dream. Something tells me, this book is going to have the same impact on you. Read this book!" —Ron Edmondson, pastor, leadership consultant, and blogger

"Carey is an incredible leader who has an uncanny gift for articulating difficult issues and providing practical solutions. Every great leader has faced tremendous opposition when pursuing a dream, and Carey has done a brilliant job of providing clear steps that every leader would be wise to follow." —Joe Sangl, President and CEO, Injoy Stewardship Solutions

"Leading through change is one of the most important, and one of the most challenging, calls any Christian leader will ever face. In Leading Change Without Losing It Carey Nieuwhof provides you with the inspiration you'll need to stay the course, but more importantly with practical tools you'll need to complete the task." —W. Scott Cochrane, Executive Director, The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada